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Customized Marketing Services Designed to Fit Your Needs

Marketing a new system or service requires a combination of strategy, creativity, diligence and consistency. Iron Promotions services team helps you streamline the marketing mix and works with you to develop effective marketing pieces that reflect your brand and strengthen your image.

Marketing Services Packages

An Iron Promotions service package includes development of a customized marketing plan and support materials to clearly and effectively convey your messages. The base package includes three personalized pieces, and the advanced package includes six personalized pieces.

Examples of customized marketing materials that Iron Promotions can develop include print advertisements, direct mail pieces, lobby banners, promotional fliers, newsletter articles, postcards, news releases, brochures, as well as many other promotional tactics.

Brand Strategy and Development

A strong, consistent brand serves as the platform for an effective marketing communications campaign. Iron Promotions can develop brand strategy action plans to strengthen your brand awareness and create an image identity (logo and messaging) that represents the look and feel of your organization.